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Elodie Lebigre

A R T I S T 

About me

It was never easy for me to define my profession: ideally I am what you call a Creative, but absolutely unconventional. Since my I am born in Italy from a french family, I grew up in a very stimulating artistic environment: My parents were artists, they came to live in Tuscany after falling in love with one of the most astounding carnivals in the world in Viareggio. The first half of my life, together with my brothers we have shared many travels and adventures  in Canada, Uk, China, Korea and many more, discovering Theater, opera, street art, movies and unconventional arts.
After my studies  I soon started cooperating with the family business, working hard developing my real own skills and passions, art, music, technology team building.

i know how to model and build big figures, how to ccordinate a working group,I am myself a designer and sculptor, i paint, I worked as a graphist and illustrator.
I developed my skills as a team director and since i am in love with the performing arts in 2004 i brought together with my family a very special change to the Viareggio carnival, bringing a show made by volunteers together with the parading float. I myself always had the passion of music, and became a singer and started a career in songwriting and realising soundtracks too.

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