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Elodie Lebigre has been working in the living art fields since her first youth.
Both performing and working in the art production, she has been travelling and working in several international project in the field of art and design, Theater, Carnival, Concerts and international events.

She is co-founder and Art Director of La Compagnia del Carnevale since 2004.

 She directed and created performing shows in Italy and all around the world taking care of plots, costume and set design, music and choreography, with a big attention to the social interaction between arts and audience, introducing workshops for non professional people into the global creation process both in the performing and crafting. 

in 2012 she directed "La Ballerina dancing the earth" a travelling performing show,( from Italy to Singapore and Macau) with a 16 meters puppet realised by the artistic team leaded by her  parents Sculptor and designers of international fame. The show involved a local dance school together with a cast of 20 artists from Europe.

in 2013 She has been honoured with the assignment of the Art Direction of the Macau latin parade.

From 2015 She works occasionally in South Korea for the Gapyeong Carnival Startup project.
From 2015 to 2017 she works as a consultant and teacher for the VIA university  in the 3 years artistical project named Vartegn, working with students teachers musicians and social workers to a project for the fragiles in the society that ended up in building a giant acting puppet  9 metres high that performed in 2017 for the events of Aarhus european capital of Culture. 

She works as a composer and lyricist in several projects ( dance and electronic music, soundtracks, performing theater).

She cooperates in the Luca Bassanese live project,  and perform since 2014 in the  live tour ( Italy - Europe) with the project Luca Bassanese e la POP, the project is produced by Platinum awarded Composer and producer Stefano Florio. 

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