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Les Enfants (I Bambini)

- Luca Bassanese feat. Elodie Lebigre (official video)

I had the pleasure and honor of a duet with Luca Bassanese on this song, as the song itself  mentions "Children are the soul of the world".Bassanese says "It is in listening to the new generations, in the care and respect that we owe towards them that we find the seed of our own freedom, of that child we have sometimes abandoned, thus betraying our essence. But we are the child we were, and he comes back every time as a warning in our life, we just have time to listen to him ".
The song has a reggae rhythm and is sung in two voices by Luca Bassanese with the participation of the singer, artist Elodie Lebigre and is part of the album Liberiamo l'elefante by Luca Bassanese.

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