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“Parade through Macao, Latin City”2012-2013

regia di Viva, spettacolo 

parade art direction

In 2012 we are called from Annie Sidro and the Cultural institute of Macao, to perform with the Ballerina ( VIVA)  in the main square closing show for the parade. After the great success, in 2013 I am honoured with the art direction of the Macau latin parade. I got this assignement together with my parents Gilbert Lebigre and Corinne Roger that have designed four giant puppets, (realised in Hong Kong) and supervised all the aestetic of the parade. I have curated the direction of the final show and the parade from St Paul's cathedral to Tap Seac Square.
Together with Stefano Florio have composed the show soundtrack. 

the work was a 7 month long process and was broadcasted live in Hong Kong and Macau television.


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